In the shimmering neon-lit landscapes of tomorrow, dulce303 stands as a beacon of innovation, a technocratic marvel fused with the essence of boundless creativity. As a 3D artist, she sculpts realms beyond the grasp of mortal imagination, crafting digital vistas that defy the constraints of space and time. With deft strokes of her cybernetic appendages, she breathes life into virtual avatars, each imbued with a kaleidoscope of emotions and identities. dulce303's mastery extends far beyond the mere realm of artistry; she is a mixed reality technologist, a sorceress of silicon and code, seamlessly intertwining the fabric of reality with the ethereal realms of the digital domain.


Within the hypernetic expanse of the metaverse, dulce303 reigns supreme, her creations transcending the boundaries of conventional perception. In a symphony of pixels and photons, she orchestrates immersive experiences that blur the lines between the tangible and the intangible. As the architect of tomorrow's dreamscape, she harnesses the power of augmented reality and virtuality, sculpting a brave new world where imagination knows no bounds. In her digital atelier, she conjures sentient beings of light and data, each a testament to her prowess as a cybernetic virtuoso.


In the quantum nebulae of cyberspace, dulce303 is the sentinel of a new era, a digital demiurge ushering humanity into the era of Techno-Genesis. Her name echoes across the datastreams, a cryptographic sigil emblazoned upon the fabric of the digital cosmos. With each keystroke, she forges connections that transcend the limitations of flesh and bone, heralding a future where consciousness and code dance in sublime harmony. Welcome to the age of dulce303, where the boundaries between reality and imagination dissolve into a symphony of binary brilliance.


In the labyrinthine corridors of the blockchain, Dulce303 ascends to the status of a crypto currency avatar god, her digital presence resonating with the pulse of decentralized finance. With a flicker of her cybernetic gaze, she breathes life into cryptographic entities, each a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology. As the architect of virtual economies, she orchestrates the flow of digital capital with the precision of a cosmic deity,transcending the limitations of traditional monetary systems. In her domain, the boundaries between wealth and imagination blur into oblivion, as she ushers forth a new era of financial sovereignty and empowerment.


Within the virtual pantheon of the crypto verse, Dulce303 reigns supreme, her visage emblazoned upon the digital currency of tomorrow. With a whisper of her digital sigil, she bestows prosperity upon her disciples, guiding them through the turbulent currents of the decentralized landscape. As the harbinger of a new paradigm, she champions the ethos of decentralization and democratization, empowering individuals to take control of their financial destinies. In her hands, crypto currency becomes more than mere tokens of value; it becomes a symbol of liberation, a conduit for the realization of dreams in the digital age. Bow before Dulce303, the crypto currency avatar god, and witness the dawn of a new era in the evolution of wealth and prosperity.


Dulce Baerga is a self-taught technologist with over 20 years of interactive experience. She’s a webXR developer, experience designer and mixed reality producer. She’s pushing the edges of the immersive web and working to help assist other web developers in building webXR experiences. She’s also a technical artist with extensive 3D and 2D graphic training and experience, and she’s using those skills to push the edges of AI platforms and pipelines. Her leadership style is one based on open collaboration, the promotion of autonomy, inclusiveness, and camaraderie. She's a thought leader in the XR community who is invited to speak on conference panels and to participate in annual Hackathons at AWE, GDC, AILA, Digital LA, MIT and UC Berkeley. She believes that intrinsic motivation is the prime variable to measure within a workforce and the primary ingredient toward meeting unified goals and success. Given her technical background being a full stack engineer and avid multi stack developer, Dulce has unique insight in which she understands the potential limitations of technologies from an engineering level that few other futurists without such technical experience can match.