Dulce Base "Nightmare Hall"

UPDATE: (The History Channel Removed the Dulce Base Episode… I wonder why.) 

OK… UFOs aren’t really my thing, and a series of videos, produce by the History Channel’s UFO Hunters, about Grey Alien influence on humanity is more akin to trans-humanism and UFO reality, than augmented reality.  But, I could not resist posting this interesting and frighting American and Extraterrestrial cooperative conspiracy.

Conspiracy theorist, and some of the residents of Dulce, New Mexico who live near Archuleta Mesa, claim that a seven levels deep and two miles wide secret base is supposedly built under the mesa. The secret base is widely regarded to be a hoax and an urban legend, and no concrete evidence has emerged from the Archuleta Mesa, other than hand drawn copies of “original” top-secret files and photographs. But, people who live around the mesa, in Dulce, have reported seeing unexplained sightings and even met the Greys themselves.

And then… there are select few have managed to leave the base with some amazingly horrifying details:



Thomas Castello, a man who alleges that he was a security officer on the base and maintained close contact with subterrestrial and extraterrestrial beings of non-human origin, the Dulce Base is thoroughly described. He claims there are seven levels, the lowest endearingly referred to as “Nightmare Hall,” and in here is where reptilian laborers do menial work for the Draco lords. The facility is also quite enormous, rivaling Carlsbad Caverns in size.

According to some UFO conspiracy theories, a joint alien/U.S. military underground base exists, perhaps devoted to genetics. The theories regarding Dulce sometimes state that alien technology was traded for permission to engage in human and animal mutilations. A battle was said to have taken place there between aliens and humans, though the time of this alleged encounter varies from the late 1970s to the 1980s. Some sources allege that horrific genetic experiments are conducted in lower levels of the facility (usually level 6 or 7, depending on the source); these levels are sometimes referred to as “Nightmare Hall.”

Now, the common thread that I’m trying to weave with Dulce Base and this website, other than they share a name, is if humans/aliens are working together to develop technology and do genetics test on both species with the goal of controlling the planets technological consumption, both physical and biological, then Dulce Base may in fact be ground zero for emerging technology. If such a place were to exist and no moral bias or ethical standards toward humans, aliens and animal were in place, essentially “a free for all” environment, then the potential for these beings to create what ever they dream up is extremely disturbing and explains a lot about human progress over the last 60 years.

And then again… it could all be a hoax to cover up something even more sinister.

You be the judge. =]