Tweet[media width=”600″ height=”225″ link=””] Dan ‘DJ Fresh’ Stein is set to take another step up in his illustrious career by launching his incredible live show in late 2011. FRESH/LIVE aims to amplify the club experience by incorporating a full live band to perform Fresh’s latest and greatest tracks in authentic […]

Dj Fresh — Gold Dust

Tweet[media width=”600″ height=”225″ link=”″] R.I.T.M. is an intense electronic act that combines dance, techno & progressive house with an unforgettable live stage performance. Decade is their new combo CD/DVD featuring previously unreleased, re-mastered songs and music videos. Each song is an expression of visual music performed like an electronic circus […]


Tweet[media width=”600″ height=”225″ link=””] Francisca Valenzuela — 25 years old. Chilean – north american singer, songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in California, until moving to Santiago, Chile at age 13. She is currently launching her second album called “Buen Soldado” (Good Soldier/ Independent, March 2011) which was […]

Francisca Valenzuela – Dulce

Tweet[media width=”600″ height=”225″ link=””] Siriusmo — “Where there is no love has to be created artificially? It is the responsibility of the plasterer of love. And it builds and builds, squeezes and tortures, chopped, formed, destroyed and built! But he never gets them to grasp. A strangely fearful Anblick.Fahrige movements, […]

Siriusmo — Signal

Tweet[media width=”600″ height=”225″ link=””] THE IRREPRESSIBLES  — play in the wasteland of our post-modern capitalist cultural burnout, playing with the embers, crying for their ruin, and making new inventions… Their name is a call to arms. They want to be part of taking us forward; they want a freedom… They […]

The Irrepressibles – Cloudbusting (BBC session)

TweetA recent retro throw back trend is making audio waves across the internet. DJs from all over the world are hunting down the prized and coveted Commodore 64, and making some amazing 8bit tunes, remakes and mashups.  Computer purest are hacking the processor and turning it into a musical instrument, just […]

C64 DJ Set By Kafka Oh — Stockholm, Sweden