Artificial Intelligence News and Information

Artificial Intelligence News and Information


Google’s AI is getting really good at captioning photos

Check out this Beatles-inspired song written entirely by AI

Elon Musk: “A.I.-Human Symbiote” Will Prevent A.I. Domination

Apple acquires another machine learning company: Tuplejump

Artificial Intelligence Software Is Booming. But Why Now?

Microsoft’s CEO explores how humans and A.I. can work together to solve society’s greatest challenges

Elon Musk says the future of AI is in linking it to our brains

Microsoft Is Developing a New JARVIS-Like Artificial Intelligence System

4 Ways Every Business Needs To Use Artificial Intelligence

Are the robots about to rise? Google’s new director of engineering thinks so…

Google’s $500 Million Learning Investment Pays Off With an AI That Mimics Human Speech

Nvidia Chases Bigger (And Better) Chunk Of Burgeoning Artificial Intelligence Market

Baidu launches $200m venture capital unit focused on artificial intelligence

Faster parallel computing.

Apple is trying to turn the iPhone into a DSLR using artificial intelligence

Google’s DeepMind Achieves Speech-Generation Breakthrough

Your Smartphone Is Becoming An AI Supercomputer

When A.I. whispers in your ear all day

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6sense — This startup helps companies like Cisco and IBM predict sales. — This company builds an interactive, verbal personality for your code. Yep, if you have a system that needs to interact, creates a user interface for it with voice. (I went to the company’s website for a comment, but it was only text as of today. I’ll check back tomorrow.)

Arria  — An analyst and a writer in one, this software “reads” complex data such as financial or meteorological and writes accurate, easy-to-read reports for people. Yep, it’s software that simplifies things so we can understand them. Arria spits out 60 accurate, detailed weather forecasts in less than a second. (People clock in at 24 hours on that task.)

Automated Insights — Similarly, if you’ve got spreadsheets, Automated Insights turns them into stories. Think narratives for your sales teams based on their pipeline reports. Or imagine almost instant flight delay or gate data updates going out in natural, native language without a person having to get involved.

ID Avatars— This startup just raised a million to create emotional intelligence. Its first bot, Sophie, interacts with patients who have chronic health issues. Unlike some bots made to optimize paid interactions, this one is built to act in your best interests, period. (Asimov would have been proud.)

Infer — Helps B2B companies like HubSpot and Atlassian read the tea leaves in their sales data to figure out which leads are real and which are tire kickers. The company says using its system creates a 3X increase in conversion rates and doubles deal size. Now that’s intelligent.

MindMeld — Inspired by Spock, this startup aims to make computer-human communication happen at high speed for us non-Vulcans. Well, almost. MindMeld is a leader in upgrading text interfaces to natural voice interfaces. They are a lot faster and more fun to use.

Mintigo — Mintigo mines data from millions of companies–financials, staff and hiring trends, technologies installed, marketing channels used, and purchase intent. It creates a customer DNA fingerprint from that, and help you use it to score your prospects better. This nifty infographic gives you a sense of how it works for Salesforce. Sequoia Capital just doubled down, leading a $15 million Series D.

Persado — E-trade and American Express are among the customers using Persado to get you to do something, as in, immediately. Persado calls its product “cognitive content.”  What it really does is automate feeding you your ultimate clickbait. Wonder why you can’t put down the phone? Goldman Sachs, smelling money, just led the Series C. — (never to be confused with SkyNet) exists to help other software predict the future more accurately. You think I’m kidding, but here is the full quote from the company’s homepage: Skytree empowers data scientists to build more accurate models faster. The result? Deep analytic insights and the ability to predict future events, make recommendations, and reveal untapped markets and customers. — This health care startup helps doctors reach patients through bots and sensors (think, on your phone) that maximize time, minimize dollars, and try to optimize patient health. — When can you make that meeting?’s virtual assistant is truly virtual–you can have it in the Andrew or the Amy flavor. Simply copy it in your email, and it does the rest–emailing everyone independently to figure out an ideal time and place.

Vicarious Systems — This company decided traditional machine learning is for dummies. It’s building a faster, smoother learning interface for artificial intelligence that gets away from the zeros and ones. VS intends to reinvent how artificial intelligence gets smart and has raised around $72 million to get a start on that.


More startups…

From Virtual Nurses To Drug Discovery: 90+ Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare


Elon Musk

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Mark Zuckerberg

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